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How to template integration in joomla

How to template integration .


Step :

1).  Check into administrator side in which template is running as default.


Url : administrator side

Extensions->Template Manager


2). If want to create new template then copy current template folder and rename it your template name .


     websoft (is your template name)


Url  (in folder):



3).  After  that there is some changes in file:


1. Open  templateDetails.xml  from your templates folder.


Changes at Line no 4 .  Change name of your template name.

Changes at Line no 12   Change only your template name at in description.

Changes at Line no 53,54  Change only your template name language name.

Changes at Line no 98,99  Change only your template name .

Change all old template name to your templates name.

Kindly refer templateDetails.xml  file.


2. Change language file name


Folder Place :




Kindly refer language/en-GB/

→   en-GB.tpl_websoft.ini

→   en-GB.tpl_websoft.sys.ini


Rename with your template name.

→ Copy both language file and paste into language folder .

→ Copy     languages/en-GB/      in this folder


4).  Zip your templates folder and install in administrator side. 



Install your template zip file from here.

Extensions->Extension  Manager.

After  install check in template manager that templates install or not

After that select your templates as a default from template manager.


5). Now  start a template integration in your new template.


 Open index.php and changes all old template path to your new template path .

Apply your css and put your required data in css folder.

put images in images folder at template folder

If your are give a path In php file then put image in image s folder on to the root.