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Project Management System (PMS) will be used for detailing projects, clients, work progress and payment collection.

Super admin will availed with facilities like:

  • Create User group and assign rights to User group.
  • Create Normal User.
  • Change General Setting.
  • Addons Management (Install, Uninstall, Check Addon Detail).
  • Manage Clients.
  • Manage Projects.
  • Manage Payments.
  • General Settings.

Detail Document:

Please click here to check details document.

Demo Logins:

Please click here to check PMS demo

Administrator Logins: admindemo/demo@123
Normal User logins: userdemo/demo@123


PMS Login panel:

PMS Manage Clients:

PMS Manage project:

PMS Manage Payments:

PMS General Settings

PMS Manage Admins:

PMS Manage Modules: